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  • PVC Film / PVC Sheet / PVC Sheeting

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    PVC Film / PVC Sheet / PVC Sheeting

    Basic Info Material: PVC Transparency: Translucent Molding method: Calender Water Absorption: 0.1%~0.3% Tensile Strength: 30~40MPa Package: 20kgs-150kgs/Roll Origin: China Type: Stretch Film Kind: PVC Plastic Sheet Contraction Percentage: 1.5%~5.0% Thickness: from 0.7mm-8mm,...

  • Rigid PVC Sheet

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    Rigid PVC Sheet

    Basic i nfo Thickness: 0.07-0.8mm Surface Treatment: without Coated/ glossly Certification:ROSH Usage: shirnk Length: Customized Package: plastick weave Origin:Hangzhou City,Zhejiang province, China Port: Ningbo port,China Type: 100% new PVC material Material: PVC...

  • Rigid PVC Sheets For Thermoforing

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    Rigid PVC Sheets For Thermoforing

    Rigid PVC sheets for thermoforming Strengths: strong strength, the forming time is short, can be easily produced and shaped with minimal waste; Rigid PVC sheets for thermoforming apply to blister, vacuum forming and tray in area of food, medical, tool, electronic products,...

  • PVC Rigid Sheet

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    PVC Rigid Sheet

    PVC rigid sheets Material: premium selected PVC material; Thickness: from 0.07mm-0.9mm, thickness and thinness are equal; Common thickness(mm):0.07 ,0.08 ,0.10 ,0.125 ,0.13 ,0.15 ,0.16 ,0.17 ,0.18 ,0.19 ,0.20 ,0.21 ,0.22 ,0.23 ,0.24 ,0.25 ,0.26 ,0.27 ,0.28 ,0.29 ,0.30...

  • Virgin PVC Rigid Sheet

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    Virgin PVC Rigid Sheet

    Virgin PVC Rigid Sheet Material: 100% new PVC material; Surface: glossy or matte surface; Thickness: from 70-800MIC; Common Size(MM):...

  • PVC Film For Print

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    PVC Film For Print

    PVC film for print Surface: without any oil on it’s surface, good printing ink adhesion; PVC film for print applys to children’s toys, sports helmet and stationery. Thickness: from 70-900MIC; Color: clear, white ect

  • Transparent PVC Rigid Sheet For Folding Box

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    Transparent PVC Rigid Sheet For Folding Box

    Transparent PVC rigid sheet for folding box Material: specialized material for narrow width and folding cartons( curtain box, bod box); Commonly used width:...

  • PVC Sheets For Liner

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    PVC Sheets For Liner

    PVC sheets for liner Quality: extra strong Common color: clear Material: new PVC material or recycle one Thickness: 600MIC etc. Common size: 460*400mm,480*285mm,470*350mm,etc Strengths: good break resistance, won't crack when sewing

  • PVC Rigid Sheet For Clear Shirt Collar Band

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    PVC Rigid Sheet For Clear Shirt Collar Band

    PVC rigid sheet for clear shirt collar band Color: clear Thickness: the thickness is stable Surface: without any burr on the edge

  • Aluminum Coating PVC

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    Aluminum Coating PVC

    Aluminum coating PVC sheet Color: gold and silver etc Surface: the aluminized coating is uniform; Strength: the tensile property is good.

  • Custom Regrind Hard PVC Roll

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    Custom Regrind Hard PVC Roll

    Custom regrind hard PVC roll Material: we can customize the recycle material-made PVC sheets / roll for you according to the quality and price you request, so that it can meet your needs of market competition; Surface: glossy or matte surface, with a little crystal point and...

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